O. Maliuta Economic and Humanitarian Cooperation between Ukraine and Switzerland (Late 18th — 20th Cent.)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.53.2021.248444

O. Bogomolets National Medical University

In Ukrainian historiography there is a lack of studies that would explore the
development of Ukrainian social entrepreneurship in the international arena and
its connections with Swiss entrepreneurship in particular. The main purpose of
this research is to study and analyze the process of establishing Swiss social entrepreneurship in the Ukrainian lands and to determine the consequences of the
strategic Ukrainian-Swiss Confederation economic partnership in the late 18th —
in the first quarter of the 20th cent. The sources for writing this article are constituted
by the documents regarding the general context economic situation of that
time, foreign policy of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the financial condition
of the Extraordinary Diplomatic Mission of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in
Switzerland, copies of protocols of the Ordinary trade and financial mission of
the Ukrainian People’s Republic in Switzerland. These documents are available
at the Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of
Ukraine in the collections 3696 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian People’s
Republic), 4211 (Extraordinary Diplomatic Mission of the Ukrainian People’s
Republic in Switzerland). The methodological foundations of the study are derived from the general principles of scientific knowledge, which are the principles
of historicism, objectivity, and systemic approach to the study of available
data. The general methods, such as analysis, synthesis, classification, verification,
as well as methods peculiar to history as a science, for instance, biographical
and diachronic methods, were used. In this article the author comprehensively
studies and covers the creation of the economic strategic partnership between
Switzerland and Ukraine, the establishment of agricultural entrepreneurship in
the farms of Zurichtal, Shabo, Osnova, New Lansi. The article also explores the
diplomatic cooperation between Switzerland and Ukraine from the first quarter
of the 19th century to first quarter of the 20th century. The author concludes that
Swiss emigration to Ukrainian lands in the late 18th — 19th centuries was systemic
and contributed to the development of the economy and infrastructure, launched
the formation of new settlements and farms, as well as accelerated the processes
of modernization and industrialization. Zurichtal, Neu-Zurichtal, New Lansi,
Osnova, Shabo and their products were internationally competitive and were
known on the world market. Swiss business in Ukraine contributed to the development
of the Ukrainian economy and implemented the approach of economic
modernization of the highly developed world countries into Ukrainian economy.
Keywords: Ukraine, Switzerland (Swiss Confederation), economic partnership,
humanitarian cooperation, Ukrainian statehood, unity.


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