Оksana Voron, Оlena Voron The Problem of Restitution of Religious Buildings and Property of the Roman and Catholic Church in Independent Ukraine

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.53.2021.248571

Rivne State University of the Humanities

The article is devoted to the problem of returning of the religious buildings
of the Roman and Catholic Church in Ukraine which was illegally alienated by
the Soviet government. The goal of this article is to comprehensively analyze the issue of restitution of the Roman and Catholic Churches’ property in Ukraine.
The task of this article is to identify the ways and the mechanisms according to
which the religious buildings and property could be returned to the RCC in contemporary
legal and political situation.
For the purpose of the study, a comparative-historical method was used,
as well as the method of analysis, systematization and generalization. The results
of restitution of religious buildings and property of the Roman and Catholic
Church in Ukraine are outlined and analyzed. The author identified the problems
that slow down the process of restitution, which negatively affect the harmonization
of inter-denominational and state-church relations, and in some cases even
make it impossible.
The author recognizes the positive changes in the relationships between the
state and the church. Such changes can be illustrated with numerous cases of
restituted buildings all over Ukraine. At the same time, the author also scrutinizes
the unsuccessful cases, where the attempts to reclaim the religious property
failed. The newly implemented legal norms often lack the effective mechanisms
for their practical realization. The absence of the principles and the
procedures of the religious property restitution leads to the disputes between
religious organizations, which may escalate into acute opposition. Therefore,
the process of religious property restitution must become the object of the thorough
state policy, which, in turn, will promote the harmonious development of
state-church relations.
Keywords: Roman and Catholic Church, restitution, religious building, property,
state-church relations.


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