О.Kravchuk, N. Kuzminets Establishment of the Authorities of the Directory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in Vinnytsia, November 19, 1918

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.53.2021.248471

Vinnytsia Myкhailo Kotsiubinskyi State Pedagogical University

An important area of historical science is the study of regional features of
the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917–1921. An integral part of this process is the
events in Podillya, and, in particular, in Vinnytsia during the crisis of Hetman
P. Skoropadsky and the establishment of power of the Directory of the Ukrainian
People’s Republic.
The relevance of this issue is determined by the importance of this page of the
history of the Ukrainian Revolution in the deployment of anti-hetman uprising
throughout Ukraine. The regional character of this process is understudied and
underrepresented in the modern Ukrainian historiography.
The purpose of the article is to analyze the peculiarities of establishing the
power of the UPR Directory in Vinnytsia in the context of the anti-Hetman uprising
of 1918.
The methodology of the research is based on the use of the research principles
of historicism, objectivity and general scientific approaches.
The authors conclude that the Directory in Vinnytsia on November 19, 1918
was established due to a combination of factors. The important prerequisite of
this process in Podillya, particularly in Vinnytsia, was the conflict between the
top leaders of the province and the hetman authorities with the public at large,
the support of nationally conscious intellectuals and the military. The crisis of
the administrative system of the hetmanate, together with the beginning of the
uprising of the The Ukrainian People’s Republic Directory became fatal for the
authorities of Hetman P. Skoropadsky. Vinnytsia became the first city in Podillya,
where the authority of the The Ukrainian People’s Republic Directory was established.
Later, it became an important center for the fight against the hetmanate.
Due to the overthrow of the hetmanate in Vinnytsia, the UPR Directory arrived
in the city and hence led the anti-hetman uprising until its successful completion.
Keywords: anti-hetman uprising, Podillya, Vinnytsia, The Ukrainian People’s
Republic Directory, Vinnytsia Branch of the Ukrainian National Union.


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