M. Rohozha, A. Karasevych Natives of Cherkasy Region in the Liberation Fight in 1917–1921: Biographical and Activity Aspect

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.52.2021.236161

Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University

Participation of the Cherkasy region natives in the national liberation fight
of 1917–1921 is perceived as a part of the integral phenomenon of state-building.
In this article, our aim is to investigate the biographies and participation in the
battles of Generals Bazylskyi, Vovk, Zahrodskyi, and Tiutiunyk, and also their
military units in the context of integral state-building process. To investigate a
biographical aspect, we focused on the qualities of leaders formed by various
factors, such as domestic, social, educational, official, and interpersonal. To
investigate the activity aspect, we focused on their military identities and
For this study, we researched the personal and military biographies of military
personnel using general scientific, historical, and interdisciplinary methods. We
based on principles of historical authenticity, objectivity, system, complexity,
scientific character, comprehensiveness, and multifactoriality.
In our pioneering research, we studied through the biographical-activity aspects
of the Cherkasy region natives community as soldiers, common and different in
education, education as a necessary prerequisite for their conscious choice of further
path. We perceived the beginning of military service as an important stage of life
for our characters. At the same time, some of them obtained the first officer rank
in a different way and started service in a new capacity. It is stated that the sociopolitical
situation as a consequence of the war, understanding of its purpose and
goals contributed to the transition to the Ukraine service. It is marked that their
commanders’ service contributed to the successful fight against enemies.
To conclude, the participation of Generals Bazylskyi, Vovk, Zahrodskyi, and
Tiutiunnyk in the national liberation fight was the result of the positive interaction
of several factors considered through the biographical-activity aspect.
The generals led significant military units of the Ukrainian People’s Republic
Army, achieved victories, but it is important to notice that Ukrainian Army always
had enough enemies and a lack of allies. Apparently, for these and other reasons,
the army went to the internment camps in Poland and Romania.

Keywords: Bazylskyi, Vovk, Zahrodskyi, Tiutiunnyk, fight, the Ukrainian
People’s Republic Army, honor, Ukraine.


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