І. Kravchenko «What Museum Does Kyiv Need?» (Discussions about the Concept of Creating the First Public Museum in Kyiv)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220182

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

This article is devoted to the discussions regarding the concept of the creation
of the Kyiv Art-Industrial and Science Museum at the turn XIX — XX centuries.
Based on the analysis of published and unpublished sources, we studied
the views of representatives of the Kyiv public regarding the concept of the Kyiv
Art-Industrial and Science Museum creation. The central question of the research
is – in which ways the views of the community influenced the final vision of the
Kyiv Art-Industrial and Science Museum. The researchers distinguished the people
who played the role of particular importance in the creation of this museum.
The purpose of the article is to scrutinize the discussions regarding the concept of
creating the first public museum in Kyiv, to highlight the views of the Kyiv public
on what the Kyiv City Museum should look like and to analyze how these views
influenced the formation of the final concept of its creation.
The raw data for this research were unpublished documents of the Central
State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Kyiv, as well as publications with the views
of the contemporaries on the concept of creating a museum published in the periodical
press of the late XIX century.
The research methodology is based on the principles of historicism, objectivity
and systematic approach. In the course of the research the general scientific
(analysis, synthesis, generalization) and the methods peculiar to historical disciplines
(problem-chronological, historical-genetic, historical-systemic) were used.
The authors conclude that there existed several visions of the organization of
the first public museum in Kyiv. First, the museum should be practically-oriented,
in other words, it should serve certain needs of the city and improve its economy.
Second, the museum collections should develop craft and industry and serve
the educational purposes. Third, the museum should present collections of arts,
which could be practically useful. Fourth, Kyiv needs the opening of a historical
museum. Fifth, the museum should represent the works of art of different times
and peoples. Sixth, the Kyiv Museum should consist of two separate departments:
the Department of History and Ethnography and the Fine Arts and Art Industry
of the South-Western Region. The last concept was adopted by the Committee for
the Development of a Museum in Kyiv.

Keywords: Kyiv Art-Industrial and Scientific Museum, Kyiv Society of Antiquities
and Arts, A. V. Prakhov, B. I. Khanenko, V. P. Gorlenko, O. M. Lazarevsky.


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