O. Musiiachenko Guidebooks of the Late XIX — Early XX Cent. about the Musical Environment of Kyiv

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.50.2020.210118

In this article, the authors provide a sociocultural analysis of peculiarities of coverage of the Kyiv music environment in travel books in the late XIX — early XX century.

Based on the reviews of music life, the authors investigate the place of the music environment in the city space and analyze the factors that turned music into the tourist attraction of Kyiv.

This article aims at presenting a sociocultural context of the content of the music life reviews in Kyiv in travel books of the late XIX — early XX century.

The author analyzed which parts of the music environment were best represented in the travel books (theaters and outdoor music venues, music schools, advertisements for music shops), which places were considered essential for visiting and which places were not described in the literature for tourists. In general, the authors tried to explore the image of Kyiv City the travel books created in the eyes of potential visitors, and their target audience.

For our analysis, we have chosen a few popular travel books for high-society travelers by V.D. Bublyk, Watzlaw Checkhovsky, N. Taranovskyi, M.S. Bohuslavskyi, D. Margolin, and K.V. Sherotsky.

The methodology is based on combining different approaches (content analysis, sociocultural analysis), as well as on general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, generalization, etc.).

Recreating the elements of the music life of pre-revolutionary Kyiv illustrates the complexity and multifaceted nature of the city at that time. The rapid development of the music environment went hand in hand with the development of tourism as well as with the distribution of modernized travel books, and these processes were accelerated by progress in globalization, urbanization, transport development, secularization, the democratization of everyday life, etc.

The obtained results can be used in the planning of tourist routes and use the experience of the past in making Kyiv attractive for potential tourists.

Keywords: music environment, music environment in Kyiv in late XIX — early XX century, travel books, image of a city, Kyiv’s identity


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