T. V. Dobko, O. Ya. Dudnik Content Indexes of the Ukrainian Combatant Periodicals as an Element of the Research of the National Liberation Struggle of the Ukrainian People in 1917–1921.

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.49.2019.189579

National Library of Ukraine Vernadsky

This article analyzes the bibliographic indexes of the content of the Ukrainian
combatant periodicals of the 2nd half of the 20th century , particularly the
«Biuleten Soiuzu Buvshykh Ukrainskykh Voiakiv u Kanadi,» «Visti Kombatanta,»
«Visti Bratstva Kolyshnikh Voiakiv 1 UD UNA».
Ukrainian Editions of Combatants are periodicals of Ukrainian veteran associations,
as well as Ukrainian government leaders of two periods of national
liberation struggle: 1917–1921 and 1939–1956. In these publications, they recall
and analyze past events and the causes of their defeats.
The research aims to analyze the structure and summaries of the publications
in the bibliographic indexes of the content of the Ukrainian combatant periodicals
and identify materials on the history of the Ukrainian people’s liberation
struggle of 1917–1921. These indexes are not well known to contemporary researchers
of the history of revolutionary times.
The methodology of the research relies on principles of objectivity, systematic
approach, and comprehensiveness in order to categorize indexes as a historiographical
source. Analysis, synthesis, and comparison were used for the searching
thematic sections and summaries.
The importance of indexes of the content of such journals lies in the fact
that their separate structural units and, accordingly, part of the descriptions of
publications are dedicated to the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian
people of 1917–1921 in the basin of the Dnieper River and Western Ukrainian
lands. The topics of the publications can be divided into the following sections:
the revival of Ukrainian military forces, their participation in the wars with Poland,
Bolshevik and white guard troops of Russia; the battle of Kruty, winter
campaigns of the UNR army, the course of the war in the regions and resistance
movement, Unity of UNR and ZUNR; activities of Ukrainian diplomatic missions
and prominent leaders.
Keywords: National liberation struggle of 1917–1921, content indexes of
periodicals, combatants, Ukrainian diaspora.


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