Y. Tsetsyk, A. Zaluzhna, O. Buravsky Socio-Economic Processes in Volyn Region During 1915–1916

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.48.2019.176377

National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University

The paper analyzes socio-economic situation in Volyn province that resulted
from the military offensive of the Austro-Hungarian and German troops during
World War I. The study shows that local authorities and the Russian military
command had been preparing ahead of time to move the state and educational
institutions, as well as a number of enterprises, to the eastern provinces. The enterprises
that could not be moved were to be dismantled. Using primary sources,
the author for the first time explores the mechanism of evacuation in Volyn during
the summer and autumn of 1915. The military faced a number of shortcomings
that resulted in failure to move certain property. The author also explores evacuation
of officials and their families at the state expense. The situation was significantly
complicated by the refugees from Galicia, who were originally placed
in camps in the front-line districts, and later near Rivne and Zhytomyr.
Zemstvos played an important role in supporting refugees, who were moving
eastward on foot or by trains. Due to zemstvo’s efforts and funding, refugees
were provided with food and basic goods. At the same time, zemstvos played an
important role in fighting infectious diseases that proliferated in the region during
that period.
It was found that an increased flow of refugees boosted prices for basic goods
and food products, despite the rigorous counter-effort from the military command
and the administration. Local self-government tried to counteract these processes,
however they did not always fully meet those goals.

Keywords: evacuation, refugees, authorities, troops, Volyn, zemstvos, military


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