V. Kakhnovich Ukrainian and Bielorussian Ethnogenesis according to the Work of Mykola Rozhkov (the Early 20th Cent.)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.47.2019.158271

Belarusian State University

Mykola Rozhkov created the concept of the special development of Novgorod,
Moscow and Western Russia. He traced the continuity in the development of the
Kievan Rus’ and Western Russia and Novgorod, whereas the Moscow Russia went
its own way under the influence of the Horde. Rozhkov was an apologist for the
democratic foundations of Novgorod and did not support the autocratical one.
He anticipated the elements of structural functionalism of the modern historians
and their conclusions on the ethnogenesis of the Belarusians and Ukrainians.
Based on the research of Rozhkov, we can say that traits in the field of culture,
law, politics and economics in the XIVth — XVIth centuries converted the GKL
into the New Central Europe.

Keywords: Mykola Rozhkov, economic history, sociology, economics, law,
social evolution, ethnogenesis, Russia, feudalism, regions, New Central Europe.


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