S. O. Kostyleva Images of Europe in the Narratives of University Textbooks on the History of Ukraine

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.46.2018.136904

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The article examines the question of how the image of Europe is represented
in Ukrainian textbooks for universities. It is noted that textbooks are the most useful
among all kinds of sources that make it possible to explore the transformation
of European images. They find their place and the dynamics of the political movement
and the impulsive reactions that take place in the media. At the same time,
they convey the knowledge that the state considers important and represent those
ideas and values discussed in society. Thus, the textbooks also contain a vision
of the future.
In the light of all these events, the following questions are urgent: how European
values are reflected in the scientific and educational process, whether there
is an awareness of the difference between the European and «non-European» world and how the issue of European identity is covered in Ukraine. Is the textbook presented
in Ukraine as a European country, how the historical roots of the European
identity of Ukraine are determined, how the common European history is
presented in Ukrainian textbooks, and so on.
It is concluded that the European component is quite noticeable in the textbooks.
As Ukraine continues to integrate into the EU, it is becoming more and more
actualized and intensifying. Practically all stages of Ukrainian history contain plots
related to the history of Europe, which are tangent or fit into its context. The history
of Ukraine is correlated with the processes taking place in Europe as regards
the formation of state and society in them, the interaction of cultures, etc. Emphasizing
the influence of the European economy, politics and culture has positively
influenced the development of Ukraine.
The Ukrainian textbooks form a largely positive image of Europe. The term
«European» is generally used as a positive factor and positive quality, that is, developed,
cultural, modern advanced, etc. The image of Europe in textbooks is presented
primarily in the form of ideas and values, which for many centuries were
also characteristic of Ukrainian society.

Keywords: Europe, history of Ukraine, university textbooks, eurointegration.


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