A. Lozynskyi Ukrainians in the Auxiliary Units and Volunteer Units of the Russian Army On the Eve of First World War

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.44.2017.105458

Lviv State University of Life Safety

The article analyzes the role of the Ukrainians in the auxiliary and volunteer
units of the Russian Army on the eve of the First World War. We describe the forming
of these military units. We explored that the military aviation had been considered
as an auxiliary structure in comparison with other military branches. Transport
supplying units were formed to cater the Army (foods, ammunition, munitions,
rounds and other). In different dislocations in Ukraine sanitary medical units with
qualified military-medical specialists functioned. On the eve of the war public and
charitable organizations were involved in this process. The participation of the
Ukrainians was very noticeable in volunteer units. Backup units of state militia
in infantry, engineer troops and artillery branches were formed to train the reservists,
recruits and militia. The source for reinforcement gave youth scouting
organizations. Certain expectations were imposed on the usage of recruits of Galician
refugees — Russophiles.
Keywords: World War I, Ukrainians, Russian Army, military aviation, auxiliary units, volunteer units, public organizations, military sanitary-medical services.


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