J. Tsetsyk The Role of The Union of Russian People in Complication of Interethnic Relationships in Volyn’ Province in Early 20th Ct.

The proposed articles, based on primary sources, explores the role of the
Union of Russian people in the complication of interethnic and interfaith relations in Volyn’ in the early twentieth century. It was found that they carried
out anti-Polish and anti-Jewish propaganda not only in accordance with the
ideology of the political groups, but in the context of the internal policy of the
imperial government. It is determined that Orthodox clergy played the leading
role in the growing influence of reactionaries in Volyn’. Through active church
participation in the creation of organizational networks and politicians support
for the Union of Russian people this political group quickly became the
most numerous and influential in the region. But it is worth noting that many
primary subdivisions didn’t performe activity. Based on impartial analysis of
documents it is analyzed the main arguments that Black Hundreders used to
counter with the representatives of other religions and ethnic groups. Such activities
of the Union of Russian people contributed to the further aggravation
of interethnic and inter-confessional relations in the Volyn’ province in the early
twentieth century.

Keywords: Volyn, international relations, domestic politics, ideology.


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