Iu. Khytrovska Orthodox Clergy Opinion about the «Jewish question» and its Influence on Relations between the Orthodox and the Jewish Population of Right-bank Ukraine (Late 19th — Early 20th Сt.)

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

Basing on the special scientific literature, the materials of periodical press and the archive documents, author of this article tries to make the analysis the position of spokespersons’s of Orthodox clergy of the Right-bank Ukraine. For example, in the church press to what is known as the «Jewish question» in late 19th — early 20th ct. and tries to investigate its deep influence on the relations between the Orthodox population and the Jewish population of this region in that historical period. The basic idea of this article is that the main part of Orthodox clergy of the Right-bank Ukraine supported anti-Semitism, which was the part of national policy of Russian autocracy. However, we must pay special attention that here was the clergy, who categorically stand up for the rights of Jewish population. Later exactly this clergy leaded the Ukrainian Church.

Keywords: clergy, Orthodox periodical press, «Jewish question», anti-Semitism, Jewish defeat, Right-bank Ukraine, Russian autocracy.


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