O. Makhno Information Presence of Ukrainian SSR in the World in the Period of Restructuring (1985–1990)

У статті аналізуються зміни державної інформаційної політики за доби Перебудови і Гласності, з’ясовуються особливості інформаційної присутності України в світі.

Ключові слова: перебудова; УРСР; інформаційна політика; інформаційна присутність.

The article highlights the process of changing the information policy of the Ukrainian SSR during the so-called «perestroika» (restructuring) 1985–1990 years and its impact on the nature of the informational presence of Ukraine in the world. Considered contradictory processes of formation of a new system of communication links with the world. Also made an attempt to consider the inconsistencies and objective difficulties in implementing the new policy in the media-space. The information policy in Ukraine during restructuring had a row of features: inconsistence, conservative approach and unwillingness, requirements of time and new political course; deautre part, it is impossible to disagree, that certain liberalization of political and cultural sphere took place, that, in same queue, could not affect informative sphere of Ukrainian SSR and quality of it media-presence on a world arena.

Keywords: restructuring, USSR, information policy, informational presence.


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