D. Hainetdinov Conflict between Kyiv and Kharkiv centers in Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (the 2nd Half of 1920’s)

Досліджується історія конфлікту всередині Української автокефальної православної церкви між оточенням митрополита Василя Липківського та третім складом Президії Всеукраїнської православної церковної ради.
Ключові слова: Українська автокефальна православна церква; Всеукраїнська православна церковна рада; Всеукраїнський собор.

The article studies the history of the conflict within the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, between the entourage of metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky (Kyiv center) and the third composition of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Council (Kharkiv center), its causes, nature and consequences. Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (abr. UAOC) spoke on the historical stage in the crisis period for Orthodoxy. The revolution brought dramatic changes in the religious life of the Ukrainian people, significantly weakening the influence of the church on society. The process of decomposition of church life quickly went out of the Russian Orthodox Church. Spreading to the UAOC, it had created a lot of opposition and secessionist movements, conflicts centers, which inevitably led to the decline of the church. The aim of the study is to analyze the nature of conflict between the supporting groups of metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky and bishop Petro Romodanov (Kyiv and Kharkiv Center respectively), its importance in the religious life of Ukraine in 1920’s.
Keywords: Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church Council, Ukrainian Cathedral Council Governing.


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