A. Smyshliak Church Music and Choir Liturgical Singing of the Last Quarter of XIX Century in Representations of Their Contemporaries (Based on Letters of Petr Chaikowskiy)

В статті церковно-хорове мистецтво та виконавство останньої чверті ХІХ ст. проаналізовано з погляду його оцінки в епістолярній спадщині П. І. Чайковського.
Ключові слова: П. І. Чайковський, церковно-хорове мистецтво, соціальна історія.

This article analises liturgical singing of the last quarter of the 19th ct. as a cultural and art phenomenon from the point of view by P. I. Tchaikovskyi, most famous representative of Russian musical society in 19th ct. This work may be a methodical instruction, a standard of original questionnaire for the researchers, who’ll study social and intellectual history the 19th ct., history of mentality. This article can become a basis for creation of one little picture of the world or some separate phenomenon in public life, in a public cultural stereotype. And the essays created after such standard, laid on each other, or going beyond the scopes of hypothesis, will lay down history for us. This history willn’t be such that it will be seen by us, creators of writing history, and such that she was by the eyes of her participants
Keywords: P. I. Tchaikovskyi, liturgical singing, social history.


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