A. Kurianovich The Example of Electoral Campaign to the XII Supreme Council in Belorus in 1990

В статье анализируются изменения в избирательном законодательстве, затрагивается проблема парламентского представительства от общественных организаций и другие вопросы при подготовке и проведении выборов в Верховный Совет Белорусской ССР XII созыва.
Ключевые слова: выборы, парламент, избиратель, программа, агитация, кандидат, депутат.

On the basis of archival and published materials, the majority from which are used for the first time, the author analyses changes in electoral laws, peculiarities of parliamentary representation and other questions about campaign and elections to the XII Supreme Council of Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. A particular attention is paid to juxtaposition of political forces on the eve of elections, program of Belarusian Popular Front (BPF), which was a new phenomenon in the political life of the country, difficulties with election of the Supreme Council of BSSR of XII convocation.
Keywords: elections, parliament, voter, program, propaganda, candidate, deputy.


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