I. Perga Overview of Historiography on the Topic of Socio-Political Development of Ukrainians in Kholm and Podlasie Regions in 1918–1939

У статті здійснено огляд літератури і джерел з наукової проблеми суспільно-політичного розвитку Холмщини і Підляшшя міжвоєнного періоду.

Ключові слова: історіографія; архівні матеріали; Україна; Польща; Холмщина; Підляшшя; національна меншина.

In this article overview of historiography and archive materials on the topic of socio-political development of Ukrainian population in Kholm and Podlasie regions in 1918–1939. Author describes Ukrainian historiography on the topic from local contemporaries’ authors until modern scientific works. Differences of points of view, especially in soviet period, was shown. Also author analyze polish historiography and describes main monographs and articles about Ukrainians in Kholm and Podlasie regions and their cooperation and problems with the polish authorities. Analysis of archive materials, local and governmental press, law and transcripts of Sejm of Poland in 1918–1939 biennium were made.

Keywords: historiography, archival materials, Ukraine, Poland, Kholm, Podlasie, national minority.


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