Т. Shevchuk Ukrainian Women’s Organization as a Part of Educational and Cultural Exile in Czechoslovakia in 20–30 years of the 20th century

У статті досліджується діяльність українських жіночих емігрантських організацій у Чехословаччині у 20 –30-ті рр. ХХ ст.

Ключові слова: жіночі українські організації; Чехословаччина; еміграція; Українська національна жіноча рада; Український жіночий Союз; Український громадський комітет; Софія Русова; Христина Кононенко.

This paper examines the activities of Ukrainian female immigrant organizations in Czechoslovakia in the 20 –30 years of the 20th ct, including their contribution to the development of culture, education and science. It has been analyzed main causes of their creation: to help women in adaptation in the foreign country, to support their families financially and protection of their interests, to meet the spiritual and material needs of immigrants, to preserve Ukrainian traditions and culture, to educate children and youth in the Ukrainian spirit, to resist process of deukrainianization, to spread among women liberation ideas. The main topic of investigation is the most influential organizations: Ukrainian National Women’s Council of Ukrainian Women’s Union and used to help women and children Ukrainian Public Committee in Czechoslovakia and in the international arena. It is proved that the active participation of women in the international women’s movement helped to draw attention to the situation in Ukraine and to collect financial aid for the needs of Ukrainian emigrants and support female public figures in the Soviet Union. It was found the great role of women in the development of Ukrainian culture, education in exile and in creating a positive image of Ukrainians.

Keywords: women’s Ukrainian organizations, Czechoslovakia, emigration, Ukrainian National Women’s Council, the Ukrainian Women’s Union, Ukrainian Civic Committee, Sofia Rusova, Khrystyna Kononenko.


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